10 Top ChatGPT Strategies For Success

1- Have ChatGPT write from various viewpoints**

Ask it to pen a story from the viewpoints of a variety of characters who have various histories or worldviews.

Increase the richness of your work by investigating fresh concepts and viewpoints.

ChatGPT prompts Examples

Entrepreneurs’ productivity is the topic:
“Write a variety of thoughts from a group with various points of view on the aforementioned subject. Write from each viewpoint’s point of view, using language that person would”.

2- Write in many formats using ChatGPT

Request a variety in ChatGPT’s output.

Ask ChatGPT to vary its output.

  • Outline
  • Mind map Bullet points
  • Persuasive essay
  • Chunks of text of less than 280 characters
  • Using the structure: 1) What, 2) Why, 3) How

ChatGPT prompts Examples

“Create a mind map on the topic of using Notion to stay organized as a content creator, listing out the central idea, main branches, and sub-branches”.

3- Create material with a purpose or objective in mind

Inform ChatGPT of your target audience and the goals you have for your content.

Keep in mind that until you provide some, it has no context to who you are or what you desire.

ChatGPT prompts Examples

How to expand your coaching practice is the topic:
intended for: Business Coaches
“Content objective: Enthuse audience on expanding their businesses while imparting one piece of advice.
Writing style: conversational, conversational, straightforward, unpretentious, and experienced”.

4- Use creative prompts

Consider utilizing more open-ended or abstract prompts.

You will receive original and imaginative comments in this manner from no one else.

Weirdly, ChatGPT’s creative potential can be unlocked by coming up with interesting terminology and offbeat themes.

ChatGPT prompts Examples

Create a poem that discusses copywriting.”

Give ten words that best describe how it feels to be an entrepreneur”.

5- Ultra-Brainstormer

It’s simple to use ChatGPT to create a list of prospective project subject ideas.

But frequently they are standardized and anticipated.

Instead, ask it to provide fresh perspectives or methods for addressing a well-known subject.

ChatGPT prompts Examples

How to quadruple your creative productivity is the topic:

“Think of fresh perspectives or techniques for the aforementioned subject. Give unusual or new ideas the highest priority”.

6- Define your writing voice

Send your writing to ChatGPT.

Ask it to assist you in developing a style guide for upcoming outputs.

You’ll be provided with precise phrases to characterize your voice.

AI-friendly language and tone are required.

ChatGPT prompts Examples

“`Examine the tone, voice, and style of the text below. Make a prompt for writing a fresh article in the same tone, style, and voice using NLP:

Please enter your content here.

7- Add approaches for human-written text

Request that ChatGPT operate in accordance with sound recommendations you’ve received elsewhere.

I ask Grammarly to apply some advice on persuasive writing from their blog to my subject in the following exercise.

ChatGPT prompts Examples

Explain briefly why copywriting will be a crucial talent in 2023.

Use the following tactics:
“Use questions to connect paragraphs by using powerful language of persuasion.”

  • “Provide examples and evidence to support primary claims.”
  • “Address the reader directly”

8- Fill out various approaches or tones, such satire or irony

Takeaway: You can utilize ChatGPT to produce more dynamic and varied content by experimenting with different voices and viewpoints.

ChatGPT prompts Examples

“Give the most sarcastic, ironic advise you can on utilizing ChatGPT to produce content that works better”.

9- Play the role of an expert

Request that ChatGPT assume the role of a guest, co-host, or knowledgeable authority.

Talk to it or ask it to create material as though it were that particular character.

ChatGPT prompts Examples

“You are an accomplished analyst working for a reputable market research company and a Harvard Business School alum. Mentor me in content creation for B2B SaaS firms’ C-level executives. Which open-ended inquiries should I make? Give specialized, rare counsel top priority”.

10- Confront the mainstream narrative

Request instances of things that defy the prevailing narrative.

Create content that questions readers’ preconceptions.

Look for intriguing perspectives that go against the grain and shatter stereotypes.

ChatGPT prompts Examples

Growing your email newsletter is the topic:

Give instances that dispute the prevailing narrative of the aforementioned subject. Create a plan for provocative material that questions presumptions”.

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