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ChatGPT Prompts to Generating Google Ads Keywords

Google Ads keywords may be created using ChatGPT, a potent AI language model. ChatGPT can assist customers in coming up with a wide selection of relevant and high-quality keywords to employ in their Google Ads campaigns thanks to its sophisticated natural language processing capabilities. ChatGPT can assist you in coming up with powerful and compelling keywords, whether your goal is to boost your ad impressions, connect with new audiences, or improve traffic to your website.

ChatGPT Prompts Examples

1- “I’m starting a brand-new Google Ads campaign for my [insert sector] company. Would you be able to recommend any high-volume keywords that are pertinent to my target market in [insert area] that would aid me in achieving my [insert aim] objectives?

2- “My Google Ads campaign is targeted at [insert sector] or [insert item]. I already have a list of [insert number] keywords, but I need to come up with some fresh, original ideas to add to it. Can you think of any [insert adjective] keywords that [insert audience] in [insert region] might find appealing?

3- “I want to run a Google Ads campaign in [insert location] that targets a specific audience.” Do you have any long-tail keywords that might help me stand out and be relevant to [insert audience demographics, such as age, gender, hobbies,

4- “I must make my Google Ads campaign mobile-friendly. Can you recommend any mobile-specific keywords that [insert audience] would find interesting and that would help me raise my click-through rate on mobile devices?

5- “I want to extend my Google Ads campaign to more nations. Would you be able to assist me in coming up with some location-specific keywords for [insert nation or region] that would be pertinent to my [insert industry] company’s operations and enable me to reach new audiences in this area?


Be precise: Be as descriptive as you can about your industry, target market, region, and any other pertinent information when requesting ChatGPT to produce keywords. As a result, ChatGPT will be able to recommend keywords that are more pertinent and successful.

Give ChatGPT some samples: if you have any keywords in mind so it can better grasp the kinds of keywords you’re looking for. Additionally, this may aid ChatGPT in producing more precise and focused keyword recommendations.

Refine your keywords: After ChatGPT produces a list of possible keywords, spend some time modifying the list in accordance with your unique requirements and objectives. This can entail getting rid of ineffective or underperforming keywords or introducing new ones based on your target market and the competition. Having more specific keywords will help you make sure that your Google Ads campaign is as effective and efficient as possible.

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