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5 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Writing A Proposal For A Potential Client

Like a wordsmith wizard, ChatGPT creates suggestions rather than performing spells. With ChatGPT, you may bid writer’s block adieu and welcome the opportunity to wow potential customers. It’s like having your own personal Shakespeare on staff, only it produces proposals that will convince your future customer to say “I do!” Just be prepared for ChatGPT to begin conversing in rhymed couplets.

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ChatGPT Prompts

1- Would you kindly create a B2B proposal for [Company] that highlights the advantages of utilizing our [Product/Service] and how it may help them accomplish their [certain business goal]?

2- Could you create a business-to-business proposal for [Company Name] that details how our [Product/Service] can enhance their [certain business process] and raise their [certain metric]?

3- “I want to create a proposal for a potential customer in the [sector]. Can you assist me with outlining the main features and advantages of my [product/service] and writing a captivating introduction?

4- Can you create a business-to-business proposal for [Company Name] that highlights the distinctive qualities of our [Product/Service] and how it differs from other products on the market?

5- “I’m attempting to attract a new customer for [my product/service]. Can you assist me in creating a strong proposal that emphasizes the advantages and worth of [offering]?


1- When requesting ChatGPT for assistance with the proposal, be sure to include precise information about the customer and project.

2- When communicating with clients, use vocabulary and lingo that is relevant to the industry.

3- Emphasize your special selling features in relation to your client’s requirements.

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