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7 Best ChatGPT Prompts For E-commerce Hacks

1) Build a winning paid campaign strategy

Play with commands for title and description ideas for your brand.

Example prompt:

“Write an engaging Google ad with [brand] voice.”

2) Streamline your engaging campaigns

Optimize your commands for email funnels.

Example prompt:

Write a “thank you for your purchase” email in [brand] voice.”

3) Create your winning SEO topical content funnel

You can really get creative here…

Example prompt:

“Create a topic cluster for [subject].

4) Create FAQs to help your customers and get the sale!

Help your customers at scale with templates that you can edit.

Example prompt:

Create 5 questions and answers for [brand] [item]

5) Grow social media channels

There’s a lot you can do for driving Pinterest traffic.

Example prompt:

Create a list of [social media] ideas for [company].”

6) How about rocketing your Instagram followers? In the words of Nike: Just do it…

These responses are awesome!

Example prompt:

Write 3 [social media] captions with [brand] voice.”

7) Let’s not forget about your eCommerce store sitemap for a new business..

Help your customers at the scale

Example prompt:

Create a [platform] sitemap for a new [brand area] selling [items].”

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