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Best ChatGPT Prompts for Analyzing Your Competition

Similar to a top-secret spy, ChatGPT obtains information on your rivals rather than governments. You may use ChatGPT to examine every move your rivals make, from their best-selling items to their social media tactics. It’s like having your own personal James Bond on staff! Just be careful to keep it quiet; we don’t want your rivals to learn about your hidden weapon.

ChatGPT Prompts Examples

1- What are the important components of [industry’s] marketing plans, and how may our own strategy be improved?

2- “Identify key trends and changes in the [industry] and how they are affecting our [competitor’s names] performance.”

3- Examine the customer comments and evaluations of our top [names of competitors] and make suggestions for how to solve any problems or potential improvements.

4- “Evaluate the reputation and online presence of our primary [competitor’s names] and suggest ways to strengthen our own online presence.”

5- “I want to evaluate my rivals in the [industri] industry. Can you assist me in determining their advantages and disadvantages and developing a plan to set my company apart?

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