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AI is used in the creation of content by 55% of marketers

Recent research by the digital asset management company Bynder has shown the many ways the marketing sector views AI technology as allowing efficiency in routine work and offers guidance on how the sector may keep utilizing the technology.

Over half (55%) of respondents in the in-depth research of Bynder’s client base, which includes marketers at large global companies like Spotify, Puma, and Five Guys, currently employ AI technologies in content generation processes.

According to the survey, content teams most frequently use AI integrations to automate time-consuming, laborious tasks like:

  • Creating first drafts (54%)
  • Content optimization (43%)
  • Spelling and grammar (42%)
  • Paraphrasing and summarisation (38%)

The market has been fast to incorporate AI into routine operations like idea generation, writing material for social media posts and landing pages, coming up with attention-grabbing headlines, providing voice-overs for documents, and research chores. According to the survey, AI is also being utilized to reduce the amount of time needed to do time-consuming SEO chores like creating meta descriptions and translating, with the primary jobs listed below:

  • Content re-use (30%)
  • Creating a tone of voice documents (27%)
  • Content governance (25%)
  • Translation tasks (25%)

How can AI be used in content operations going forward?

Despite the fact that Bynder’s survey demonstrates how the industry is adopting AI, respondents urged organizations to think about how the technology can be used to further “enhance” and “simplify” content creation processes rather than “replace” them.

The creation of chatbots to assist users in better navigating a website, the provision of content recommendations based on user behavior and sentiment analysis, and the personalization of website content in accordance with a user’s browsing history and preferences are some of the suggestions made by respondents when asked how AI can be used to enhance the value of content operations. Others who responded said it may produce rough first drafts of content that human teams could later edit and refine.

“It would be useful to teach an AI a company’s intended tone of voice, speaker volume, etc. From a broader viewpoint, it could be beneficial to have an AI construct and update timelines, revision histories, or other suggestions.

Although the technology is popular, marketers have stressed the value of employing AI to enhance content rather than save expenses.

According to another responder, companies should “complacently adopt and rely on AI when it’s the combination of people’s experience and expertise in tandem with AI, that’s the optimal blend.”

“It’s great to see how our customers, and more generally marketers, are leveraging AI to innovate and drive efficiencies,” said Warren Daniels, CMO of Bynder.

“At Bynder, we’ve been working on AI and automation technologies to support marketers in maximizing the speed and effectiveness of their editorial and creative content. Brands must offer outstanding content experiences in the modern world if they want to stand out, and safely utilizing AI technology is facilitating this.

“However, it’s crucial that organizations avoid trying to use AI to replace human innovation. To allow teams to concentrate on more imaginative activities, AI should be integrated into current workflows and should be seen as a mechanism. Thorough research, a genuine comprehension of a brand’s main themes and tone of voice, and human empathy are still required to produce high-quality content. AI should be employed in a regulated or monitored manner to support human creativity, not hamper it.”

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